Friday 27 January 2012


Who would have thought that desoldering was so hard to get your head around? Certainly not me. But even though ive gotten the right tools now its still been a pig and i'd made no progress on the walkthrough until earlier today. I finally removed the heat sink off the md2 main board with the help of an extra pair of hands (my girlfriend) and now gotten cracking with the mod and feel like im making headway. :-)

Also my case mod has been making progress and starting to look more like the 2 prototype neptunes that can be seen on Google. Hopefully it will turn out relatively close in the end.

Photos to follow :-)


Thursday 12 January 2012


One thing I've always wanted to do is learn how to solder and have always been too scared to give it a go. Daft as it sounds. Last week a friend though my girlfriends parents who was an electrical engineer taught me how.

Having seen several pal/ntsc tutorials on the internet i got the courage to give it a go. With fresh soldering skills i tackled the pal/ntsc and language mod to a sega megadrive 2 and got it to work. :-)

I have a more ambitious sega mod to come now I've ticked that off the list.

Just need to win some stuff from ebay!!

See the pics below showing the mod as well as my Japanese Super Ghosts and Goblins used to test the pal/ntsc mod.


I've decided to make some changes to my website for 2012. My focuses have changed and mutated over the last few years. I'm still into designer toys and have a toy on the burner that I will hopefully get to release this year. I've bought my first house at the end of 2011 and this has clamped down on my hobby money so things are moving slowly for me now.

Now I have a more stable location to work from I'm aiming to start getting projects done in 2012! :) I have another Sega Megadrive half painted, I'm really digging painting retro consoles at the minute. They have such a different feel to doing a straight canvas. I love retro consoles and they spark memories of being a geeky kid playing Sonic for hours during summer holidays, going to my mates house to play bomberman or micro machines. Drooling over consoles magazines such as Mean Machines, Mean Machines Sega, Games Master etc reading about consoles I couldnt afford but dreamed about playing.

I have a Sega Megadrive 2 case mod im working on that I'm very excited about and I'm really hoping I can pull off.

I want to re-work the game I made a 1 level demo of mid-2011, as well as make a quirky platformer using Construct 2. It looks like a great improvement on Construct and I'm hoping to find time to get working things out of my game making system!

Hopefully this new blogger format will make maintaining my site a lot easier so I will post more.

I still have my little shop open and hope to add more items in there soon. For people who are still wanting to add to their OZZEL collections there is one "End of Summer" Ozzel left. Check here to give him a look : PORLZILLA WEBSHOP

All is looking fun for 2012!! yatta!