Monday, 16 April 2012


Howdy Y'all,

I thought I'd post a little update on the Neptune case. I've been doing a little bit of work on it over the weekend. Getting the buttons mounted into the case as they have obviously been relocated further up the body compared to there original positions on the Megadrive 2. I still need to make the little extension parts to make the buttons meet the switches that are on the 'Drives PCB.

I also noticed that the groove around the cartridge slot wasn't quite right. I don't really know why I made it a smoother / curvier shape rather than the more angular one on the original prototype case. I milliputted in the old groove I made and carved a newer, more true groove around the cartridge slot area. I also carved and sanded a bit of a slope into the lower area of the groove. Again to match the prototype more.

 I'm a lot happier with the look of the case now. The buttons still need work to make them fill the holes better which I will be sorting out next along with some sanding around the new groove area. I gave the whole case another blast of grey primer to see how its all looking in a more flat overall colour. Looking good I think :)

I'll be updating again soon, hopefully this week with another little project when I get a little components delivery I placed this morning. Woop!

See you soon



Thiago Cancian said...

How's your progress on this project? Do you have any intention to make replicas of this case?

Porlzilla said...

Hi Hunter's Game Room, I have been working on the case a little bit here and there. Everytime I think I'm finished with it and spray it with primer more blemishes show up and it end's up not being excatly how I want the final thing to be. So the milliput and the sand paper comes back out :P

I've stalled a little on making the 'light' area for the LED as well as I have to figure out how to make that and the switch connections.

I do keep putting work in on the case but its slower than the initial burst.

Yeah when I get the case to be how I'm really happy with I'll be casting some out as I have the facility and experience in casting plastic resin in the past.

Thanks for the interest and comment. When I come back from holiday I'll try to get cracking on the case a little more.

cheers :)


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