Wednesday 21 November 2012

MOVEMBER i.e. the realisation of how itchy a moustache can be!!

Hi all,

So this year I've become a member of the Mo-bro's and joined in with Movember. There is quite a large team of us at my work all growing the furry lip warmers. It's quite funny seeing all the people I've known for years essentially being in disguise! haha

I've in the past tried to grow a beard, or at least see how far I could get but I've never gotten further than  2 weeks as it gets so itchy that I nearly skin myself getting the bugger off haha. So when it was suggested we all grow moustaches I thought that it would be easy and non-itchy. HOW WRONG I COULD BE!!

3 weeks in, saturday afternoon to monday. Top lip is itching so much that it has been hardwork not to shave the sucker off! Its amazed me how people grow them for their 'look' but a few people I've spoken too said they never itched at all, so it must just be down to my geeky skin type.

And today, thankfully.....the itching has subsided and its all good again. The magnum p.i. / mariachi band member moustache has stopped becoming an itch feast! Woop! :-D

I'm not sure if anybody will but if you do have a spare quid lying about and you feel generous then please feel free to click on my Mo-space link and chuck the quid my way, bump me up the team listings a little.

Cheers yo


The progress so far :

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