Monday, 1 July 2013


Hi everyone,

In my last post I was starting work on my Street Fighter 2 Champion Edition bootleg repair. I was tentatively dipping my toe into the world of arcade game repair. Well I started doing a lot of tracing tracks from the suspiciously warm chips in the middle of the board and reading up on the internet what the chips actually are.

I found that the really warm LS245's were tracing into or coming out of a bank of 6116 SRams. Thankfully I had a couple of 6116's in my stock of chips and stuff in my shed so I set about 'shotgunning' the board.

I ordered some socket strips from ebay which were really cool! I wanted to socket all the chips I was replacing because you can swap out the chips if they dont work right. All you have to do is pop the dodgy chip out with a screwdriver rather than having to cut the chip out each time and then desoldering the legs. Its not a really long process cutting them out but you don't really want to be doing it each time.

Well I traced across from one of the LS245's that seemed to have its top row of pins stuck low and it ran to one of the 6116's. I snipped him out and fitted a socket and switched it on to see what happened. Well all the foreground graphics dissappeared and all you could see was the backgrounds. Pretty cool!! I popped a replacement 6116 in and the foreground graphics came back with a slight bit of glitching gone. Stoked! It was really interesting to see what would happen without one of the chips in there.

I traced across from the other LS245 which had some pins stuck High and replaced the 6116 and the bouncing stage issue stopped!! Hot damn!!! :D It was such a cool feeling when I noticed the high score screen didn't bounce. I plugged the arcade stick and kick-harness in and played through the whole game and all bouncing stages were fixed!

The only thing left really was the KO kept glitching and moving and some of the maps on the player select were glitching so I had 4x 6116's left so I just replaced all the 6116's in the bank that were around the 2 issue ones.

And now I have this :

A pretty much glitch free SF2 : CE bootleg board! :D That I fixed myself! Something I didn't really think I could do at all. Soldering and wiring for Supergun's, arcade sticks and console mods/repairs aren't too worrying for me but attacking something full of chips was something else.

Stoked out is an understatement!! :D

Catch you later


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