Wednesday 22 August 2012


Howdy pardnurs,

A quick Neptune update for ya'll...

Well I'm back of my holiday to sunny bournemouth and got a bit more inspired to try and finish off my Neptune case. Before we went on hols I'd sprayed up the case as it was in matt black to get an idea of how it will look in Sega Black plastic and when I looked at it earlier I thought "dang! it looks pretty cool!".

So I've got my pen and paper out and carried on trying to figure out how to sort the buttons out as they are relocated further up the case now. Once they are working and clicking away it will be in its final stages I'm sure. :-)

Here are a few photos of the Sega Holy Trinity I took earlier in the garden. I've got some more filling and sanding to do on the case too. That seems to be a bit of a never ending job with this case. The end is hopefully in sight though.

Catch you later



Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

I do not quite understand why you have so many problems with this issue, yes, you have done everything creatively enough, but I personally would have simply downloaded roms files and played retro games, you may try it.