Friday, 31 October 2014


Hi Guys,

This has been something that I've been wanting to attempt since I watched Ex_Mosquito's awesome R-Type arcade 1cc first loop on youtube and when he released the video with commentary I really started trying to get somewhere on my PC Engine version.

The deal with the PC Engine version is they couldn't fit all of the game onto 1 Hu-card as its a really accurate conversion (except they added in vertical scrolling which isn't in the arcade version) so they split it into 2 releases. Misleadingly they named the second half of the game R-Type 2 but this is actually the second half of the first game. Confused? haha

I've tried and tried since being a young lad to get anywhere on the R-Type games on the arcade or on any computers or consoles I found it on and always got stuck on the 2nd level. Its such a hard game. So a stupid dream is to actually get to the end of the game and this has always seemed like a fruitless dream.

With the R-Type version on the PC Engine you get to have a little halftime break so I've been practicing and practicing and I've finally managed to crack the first half of the game. Which is technically, on the PC Engine the first game finished :P it has an ending etc.

I'm so happy right now that I've managed to get through the first part of this game as level 4 is so tough!!! And that I managed to get it on camera. It wasn't the smoothest run that I've had but it's the first time I've been able to beat it. So no more waffle, more video.

Now I'm going to start practicing R-Type 2 so I can finally beat this game! More studying of Ex_Mosquito's commentary and lots and lots of practicing. :D

Catch you later