Tuesday 6 March 2012


Hi everyone,

I've been meaning to get some of my finished paintings and toys out of the boxes in my spare bedroom and up on to my BigCartel store now that we're more settled in our new home.

The first of the paintings I'm putting up are of my Victorian crime fighting detective duo, The Gentleman Beanhead and his ever faithful side-kick Melvis the monkey. They under took the most dangerous of investigatory missions in the lowest, darkest areas of victorian london. Unfortunetly for them that pesky duo of S. Holmes and Dr. Watson kept pipping them to the post on the largest cases. Those know it alls!

The second of the paintings depects their arch-nemisis's's's's the evil mad Professor Skeletos-mons and his despicable partner in crime, The Murdock Street Mangler.

Professor Skeletos-mons is a multiple doctor in the voodoo arts, ancient oriental martial arts and facepainting. Evil to the core he concocts the most devious deeds and sends brainteasing clues to his arch nemesis; The Gentleman Beanhead and his trusty sidekick, Melvis the monkey.

The Murdock Street Mangler is a everyday johnny, one of the neighbours that wouldn't hurt a fly. But in reality he is a sadistic, granny pushing, nose-picking, pick pocketing, murdering son of a gun. The more blood on his hands the crazier his brain gets!

Both paintings are Acrylic painted onto stretched canvas (5 x 7")

If you like the looks of the daper detective and his team-mate or the evil and down right dispicable duo then check out my BigCartel store here : PORLZILLA WEB-STORE

catch you later foamies